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If you want pinewood performance and great customer service you are in the right place. John’s products flat out work and deliver results as stated. We built two cars for two separate derby races (scouts & adults) and came home with First Place hardware from both! One of the cars set track record lowest time,. Thanks again John, we’ will be ordering again next year.

James O

This was my first purchase from DerbyDad4Hire and it was very easy transaction. I purchased the Silver Bullet and I am looking forward to using in my sons next Pinewood derby race. Sadly it’s a 9 months 22 days and 8 hours away. Will be ready:)


It’s time for me to add my 2 cents. If you are serious about pinewood derby racing and your goal is to win or just have your car perform at it’s best. Or if you are having a problem you just can’t figure out. Then you need to call derby dad as I can tell you from personal experience that there is no other place on earth to get the quality products and expert help you will recieve here. In the time I raced these cars I can safely say that no one equaled my results except John and I owe my success to him! Stop wasting your time, give John a call, buy his products, and you too will be able to achieve your very best!

White Mountain Racing

Truly inspirational. The KING of pinewood derby!


Just want to say thank you for great products. We got a plug and play kit with dynasty wheels and 92x axles from you and won pack today. No one was close we ran 2.47 and second place was 2.52. Finally dethroned a 3 time champ in the process who wasn’t too happy.


Great Products .. My son won this year every race. Great axles and wheels.


Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help. We kids brought home some hardware this year. Both won Grand Champion for their groups (boys & girls). I know it is about the kids having fun, but the races weren’t even close. our average margin of victory was 0.08 seconds, maybe more. The races were running simultaneously, so it was like rapid fire trying to keep up. But regardless most races were by multiple car lengths. Thanks again, for all of your help.


Thanks DD4hire. This is our first year doing the pwdr and my son (tiger cub) finished 1st in tiger and overall race. Got the wheels, weights, and axles. Made a big difference in the outcome. Fastest time was 2.914 on 45ft alum track. Averaged 2.92 over 8 races. This is our first year car and look forward to sending it for your national race league. Thanks John!!


We where clueless until we found Derby Dad! We went from not knowing anything, to helping friends build competitive cars. His personal mentorship, products, and service is remarkable. I can not say enough about what he has taught us. His forum is a great resource and his workmanship is second to none. From the You tube videos to the graphite. It has worked out great! We will always be a loyal customer.


“Dominate your pinewood derby!”

my son won pack, won district and have not lost a heat yet! Cheetah wheels, zero friction kit and Dynasty axles! FAST Car! Great products!


I ordered a car for our first outlaw race. It blew the other cars away. Their times were not even close. Yes I took first place.


I found this site after reading nothing but positive reviews from Pinewood Derby Online. After placing my order I must have called and bugged John 3-4 times asking questions. Each time he answered them professionally and with patience. When I received my order it was different then I was expecting. After a quick call to John the issue was resolved. Exceptional customer service!! I will be ordering more items very soon.

Racing Dad

Just wanted to say thanks for helping us win the pinewood this year. We’ve been dominating our pack for the past few years but haven’t finished higher than 11th in the 160 car district race. I performed your wheel prep this year and dominated the district race by 0.5 seconds over the next closest competitor! My older son told me I should have switched to your prep sooner as he’s now a Boy Scout! Thanks again!!!


This was the first year my son won his pack and district race, taking fourth in council in a very fast council. John offers great products and most of all great customer service. I wish I had known about him four years ago!


If you want the best pinewood derby products, you found the place! My son hasn’t lost a cub scout race in three years ( since we found DD4H). He also won Mid-America 2014 open scout weblo division and third overall. I think the results speak for themselves!

Eric Hogan

WE WON!!!! First things first, I want to say that a close friend of mine has a scout that was DESTROYING everyone from pack to district and my son was not doing nearly as well as her scout. My first thought was like 99.9% of the Scouting parents “she is buying her son’s car from e-bay or the internet” although she was very persistant about the fact that she was not!! So my son begged me to find out what her son was doing and she got my son and myself to spend a couple of hours with her husband who told us about how their son was doing so well. His first words were…”DERBYDAD4HIRE”, he then continued to explain to me and my son some key factors to make a faster car in a way we both could understand. Being a single mom I had no clue as to what I was doing, but after just one weekend we had a car that was built and ready to race, and my 8yr old son was able to do about 70% of the build. The car wasn’t the best looking car, but it sure was fast!! Using the knowledge we were given from a dad who got his knowledge from the best in the business(DERBYDAD) we went to our pack race and set the track record on our first run, by nearly a tenth, according to my friends husband that is a huge margain..and visually it looked like several feet, then proceeded to break our own record 5 more times and tie it twice. We WON our Pack Race undefeated, then at District we went UNDEFEATED and WON our District race against 122 cars!! The smile on my son’s face was priceless, and so are the products that are sold here!! I have never been able to personally thank Derby Dad for helping my son win his pack and Dist. so I want Mr.John to know that from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SOO VERY VERY MUCH!!! This is a memory for my son that he will always remember and I will too!!


After a disappointing 1st attempt at my sons 1st pwd pack race (finished 7th out of 22 cars) we searched the internet to see what else was out there to speed his car up as we were an alternate for his district. Knowing we would be racing in that race as an alternate his dad & I searched the internet feverishly & kept seeing the same products from different vendors. Fortunately for our son, his dad came across this website. And after many calls to Mr.Halliburton, and realizing that he had already used every gimmick & pitfall by using the same products that landed our son in 7th place, we knew we had found the VERY BEST PLACE TO HELP OUR SON BUILD A FAST CAR!! And we did!! As an alternate, we WON the District Race. 1st place out of 96 cars!! That was his first year, & he has been undefeated since then and won every pack race and every District Race since then!! 5 for 5 at district, plus 4 BGN titleS in the youth class!! As proud of our son Kolton as we are, none of this would have been possible without the BEST PWD PRODUCTS IN THE WORLD MADE BY DERBYDAD & HIS KINDNESS & ADVICE!! So from myself, dad..& especially Kolton we want to say THANK YOU!!!


“Hands down the fastest pinewood derby products!”

The car you built for us is absolutely amazing! My son took 1st place at the District finals yesterday. The car started so good of the line that it never gave up the lead through the whole race. This car won 27 races in a row (undefeated) . The car won by ½ a car length (on average) during the 3-race final.


You ROCK! I was just hoping to get a little something so my daughter would not be embarrassed during her Pinewood Derby. She won the first heat by 1/4 car length then proceeded to win the next two qualifiers by 3 car lengths. She won the quarters semi’s and finals with between 1 1/2 – 2 car lengths. I have never seen her smile so hard before. Thank you for all your help.


Thank you for signing my backpack! Your products are second to none!

Builder Jim

My sons and I built two cars using Derby Dads plug and play kits. My boys took 1st and and extremely close second to each other both in our pack championship and then the same winning results at the larger district race two weeks later. It was the first time in 10 years anyone outside of the district hosting pack had taken their overall trophy, and both our cars took out their best. You’ve earned a customer for life. Many thanks.

Toby Schmidt

In our first year, we used the 92x pro axles and got 2nd out of 38 cars in our Pack. This year we used the Silver Bullet, Dynasty Cheetah Wheels(orange) and the Dynasty 92x Pro axles and finished 1st out of 28 cars and never lost a heat!

Mark S

Wow, we went through a lot of vendors and finally found one that backed up its claims. Hands down the nicest axles and wheels by far.

Ben D

Thanks! Quality products & first class customer service. What more could you ask for? You may try other products, but my guess is you’ll back to derbydad4hire.

Central NC

We had two good years but did not have the speed I wanted. We were 2nd overall our Tiger year and 1st overall last year. I purchased the Silver Bullet this year and used stock BSA axles. Our slowest time was still 0.1 seconds faster than the next fastest time this year. Thanks for helping us blow everyone else off the track.

Tom Bunch

2 years in a row my kid has won all races from pack to Concil. Others are in the know and times are very close, however with derbydad4hire he was able to give us that small extra edge(with polishing supplies and techniques), that has pushed us to first, with just .02 seconds, 2 years in a row. Great products. This year we are trying your fenders; we’ll let you know what sort of extra pop it gives the car.


Thank you John (Derbydad4hire) for the great products you market and sell. With the derbydad4hire polishing kit, polishes, and graphite our family has enjoyed many wins and podium finishes over the last 4 years in Awana Grand Prix races.

Jason Taylor

My grandson, Aaron, won first place in the Open Class at the Southern Indiana District Level Pinewood Derby Race. Much of the credit for this accomplishment must go to Derby Dad John Hallilburton. Let me tell you our story. My grandson and I had been involved in Pinewood Derby type of car racing for several  years through Cub Scouts and Royal Ambassadors. In the summer of 2010 our car speeds seemed to reach a top limit while using graphite wheel lubricant. We were considering switching to an oil lubrication system in an effort to increase the speed of Aaron’s cars and Derby Dad seemed to be the only expert in the hobby willing to share his knowledge and experience. I met John at the Blue Grass Nationals PWDRace in Somerset, Kentucky, July 31, 2010, and I purchased some of his products. Aaron and I converted several of his cars from graphite to an oil lubrication system.  Our first attempt was a failure and when Derby Dad heard that our car speeds were unchanged or slower after changing to oil, he requested that we ship him one of our cars for his analysis in Utah. John inspected the car, re-prepped and tuned it for racing plus he gave us a detail list of his findings with suggested corrections AT NO COST TO US. Derby Dad’s confidence in his products and his dedication to assisting those interested in Pinewood Derby type races coupled with Aaron’s determination and competitive spirit played a major part in my grandson winning the Southern Indiana Open Class District Level Pinewood Derby Race on March 10, 2012.  When Aaron  and I need supplies or advice for Pinewood Derby, we go to Derby Dad. Maybe next year Aaron will get his name on this trophy a second time.

Jim W

“With Derbydad4hire you will get the edge on the competition!”

John is the most dedicated person in the Pinewood Derby world…bar none! He knows every speed secret in the book and will share them with you. All his products are manufactured to the highest quality and he stands behind them. His customer service is unmatched.

Andrew Anderson

Placed an order with DD4H. I got a personal call from DD4H to verify my order. The customer service from DD4H is by far the best I’ve seen from any Pinewood-related website. And the products come as promised — of high quality. Will definitely purchase again — they’ve got a customer for life.

Mike from SoCal

I have always found John to be generous and helpful. His products are first-class. His track record speaks for itself. I know that I am faster because of his help and advice.

Cam-Car Racing

This is our second testimonial we Have one the 2013 Pinewood derby pack race with a second car we are going to be returning champs for the San Diego 500 Race for all of the Sandiego imperial council race. thank you derbydad the cars we have straight out whooped the competition by Far 4 car lengths or more.

Jayden & Jeff C

Thanks for all the help. My son won the pack championship today. He didn’t lose a single heat. He broke the track record on his first run, and also a few more times today. On his third heat, the car had so much momentum that it went on past the Best Track braking section, rolled along the gym floor, and didn’t stop until it hit the wall. When you say “Zero Friction”, you’re not exaggerating. I did not keep it a secret from the other dads in the den. I did not keep it a secret from the other dads who asked me. Expect to get more orders from our pack next year. I really just wanted my son to be competitive. I did not expect that he would sweep every race by at least 2 car lengths.


Wow! 1st and second places within 1/100 of each other and course record. Thanks for your help! I’ve got 6 more years of this. Should I just all 6 now or should I buy them each year.

Brandon N

Thank you again! The car was fast. It won 1st in it’s category and grand champion against all 1st place winners. 🙂

David Q

After 2 years pack champions and not placing at Districts we found DD4H and BAM! District champs 2 years in a row. I now race professionally and use DD4H supplies exclusively. If you want the best parts available look no further.


Thanks Derby Dad. Our son took first place this year. None of the other cars even came close. The closest was about a car and a half behind. This was his third and last year in cub scouts. His first year my husband helped him take first on our own, and 3rd his 2nd year. But this year I was determined to figure out what the secrets were and how to get him a first place again. So I started doing research online and stumbled onto your site. After reading so many testimonials I decided to buy. We ordered the $25 Dynasty plug & Play kit plus the axle polishing kit and the wheel bore polishing kit and some weights along with the graphite. The tungsten putty is awesome! My son did all his own axle and wheel bore polishing. Seriously, no need to look on any other site. The explanations of what’s included in the kits were confusing to me but other then that…….Extremely happy!


You have found the #1 pinewood derby site! No one puts more time and effort into his products than the derbydad!!!! Don’t waste your time and money on the other vendors.Derbydads products and service are second to none.

John Archambo

“By far the fastest pinewood derby wheels on the market!”

Hi, my name is Ed and i purchased a car from you. Just wanted to say thank you so much because the car won our races and had the fastest time on that track in 10 years. Plus we won overall best time. My son was the happiest i ever saw him. He was so proud. and again i want to say thank you. I will be sending in photos of the trophies he won. Thank you again


The Derbydad4hire products are pinewood derby gold! We totally dominated our pack race and then went on to win first place in district! We couldn’t have taken that huge trophy home without John at Derbydad4hire. My son was so happy he was bouncing up and down like he had springs in his feet all day. Last night he slept with the trophy in bed with him! Thanks John, you and your products are amazing!


DerbyDad4Hire helped us run undefeated in our pack race. The products are so well thought out and complete they are a joy to use. The polishing of the bores is amazing with the Derby Dad products. The graphite is so very fast and the silver bullet is the key to speed. Thank You John for a wonderful product and wonderful service and very fast and race proven prodcuts.

W Racing

I have used DD4H products for years. The best service and products. My son always won scout races with the great race information and products We are now racing online. You can not compete without DD4H products.


Derby dad 4 hire is the Best! We do Royal Rangers,and have won first place 3years in a row,also have won district,the products are fantastic…fast shipping ,great communication,this is a No Bull web site! You want to be the Best? Then get the Best! Derby Dad For Hire!

Randy Gilbert

My Webelo and Wolf scouts have used Derbydad4hire products for the last three seasons. We have 17 trophies, including three Council overall championships. John’s service is great. I like the fact that he continues to innovate, and strive for improvement.


won every race in the pack, other kids had the axle and tire combos from other suppliers but no one could take the number one spot from my boy,, this guy knows his stuff dont just do a few items ,tell him what u want and he will do you up right… well worth the money,, all hail derbydad4hire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your the man


I highly recommend Derby Dad. It was worth every penny to see the reaction on my boy’s face as we totally dominated all the other cars. No one was even close. I will always buy parts from Derby Dad on a go forward basis, without question.


Today was our packs Pinewood derby. I will step back in time for a minute. 2 years ago was our first time well lets say it didn’t go to well. Last year I learned a few tricks we finished 3rd in our den and 5th in the pack. Well this year I was not going to lose again. My son wanted a faster car I tried many different things. None worked like our car did last year. Today we took 1st place in den and 1st place for the pack. Our car averaged 3.11 and 218.8. So I want to say a big Thank You to John for his OUTSTANDING equipment and his service.


DerbyDad You Rock!! I’m not the regular handiness challenged guy quite the opposite. I am gifted at this kind of stuff but the best I was able to do on my own was a 3rd & 4thplace helping two boys with the derby my first year. In my 2nd year we placed 4th or 5th. Who cares total disappointment for all involved but the hardest thing was the disappointment in the child’s eyes. That’s when I discovered Derby Dad and since this was his last derby I figured why not I’m not getting it done myself so DerbyDad built us a car and was I SHOCKED. The best times we’ve ever had, consistent 3.2s & 3.3s!!! We got 2nd in our pack and then on to win 1st over all the other packs in the Grand National. WOOHOO! Like I said Derby Dad You Rock! Thank You Very Much!

Terry Coote

In Canada we have the Kub Kar Rally. DerbyDad4Hire’s products work great for Kub Kar builders! We used the oil process with the products mentioned and the car was undefeated in 2011 in pack, city and district, and the provincials (state level). I recommend his products and process. Following the process again this year with high expectations! thanks Derby Dad!


“If you want to reach your maximum velocity then this is the place to go!”

My son has won his pack championship 3 of the past 4 years, and he has won District all 4 years. Thanks to DerbyDad for excellent products, tools, advice and speed tips!


DD4H is number 1 for Pinewood products and service. The products and service are absolutely the best. Using DD4H products will put you in front and keep you there!

Kerry Wicks

I have bought wheels and axles from derby dad for hire and put them, for my self and for scouts and parents of my cub scout pack 722, we have dominated the scout and r.a. for the past 8 yrs, my pack has never lost a district race in the past 8 yrs. i have with our lord and savouir jesus christ help, to teach 30 r.a, church leaders in lubbock texas how to build and make pwd cars faster. we have had alot of sucess. i hope this wb site will help you as well. may god bless you and your family kerry bybee cubmaster and r.a. leader

Kerry Bybee

If you want to get into pinewood derby racing, look no further than derbydad4hire. I spent a lot of time and a bit of money on items from other websites before I found derbydad. This is the complete package. Everything he sells works, period! And I have not been able to find a better product anywhere. The DVD is a must If you want to build a winner.

Don @ Team Zoe

You already know I like your products.  I am VERY impressed with the new Black Ice polish system.  It’s noticeably better!  

The main reason I wrote though is I wanted to show you a  picture.  YOUR products and YOUR methods were used by some scouts I  helped go undefeated in EVERY category at the district championship.   Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos, as well as the adult open division.  On  the right is my girlfriend’s sister who ran my Street Stock Natalee to  win the Adult Open division.  On the left is the mother of the Wolf and  Webelo winners who took second in the adult division, using one of my  BASX Osoto gari.  The only cars that could beat ours were ours.


I use DD4H’s wheel bore polish and his graphite. Last year we placed 3 in boys and 2nd in Adults Ranger Derby. Using DD4H products we placed 1st and 2nd in the boys and 1st and 2nd in the Adult race. They do work and you will see great results.

James Dickey

There is just no comparison; DerbyDad makes THE best products and GREAT service to back it up. My son and I bought other web site products and didn’t do so well; I just wish I could have found him first, it would have saved us allot of time and money.Watch the DVD and you will be in the winners circle!

Mark Linder

We had some ok pinewood derby cars ,then we purchased some axles and weights , polishing kits from DerbyDad4hire and our speed incresed substantually. I have twin boys and they have so many trophies you would not believe. They have memories and Chamionships that they will remember for ever. The twins would go to a race with 70 other cars and not lose a race until they met each other in the finals. Thanks Derby dad for lifting my hero status.

Joe Bilyeu

We were lucky to find the Derby Dad! Our first year of pinewood derby we took dead last. With the help of Derby Dad we just won our first district race! It wasn’t even close. Even though I wanted to hide our secret weapon I had to tell all the dads that mobbed us after the race how we did it. If you want to blow away your competition then these are the products for you! 

Jared Harmon

I wanted to give you feedback about the derby. My tiger tool first place  overall and set a new track record and my bear placed second overall  only behind his brother. This was out of about 60 kids. Thanks! I ill  certainly be using your products again next  year!


“If you want to make derby dust then blow your competition away with Derbydad4hire!”

John, thanks for all you do.  We took 1st and 2nd in pack, 1st in family  and 1st in outlaw!    Our friends son won pack last year, my son got  4th due to a case of wiggles.   Your new plug n play was sweet!   No one  was even close except our others cars built with kit wood and your  speed supplies. 


I purchased one of your $75.00 dollar DerbyDad4Hire Pinewood  Derby Car BSA LEGAL, THE FASTEST CARS IN THE NATION off of  eBay.

It has taken first place in every race at the  local BSA level & now we are representing our Cub Pack at the large  San Diego County races held at our pro football stadium.


I buy from DerbyDad because he has built some of the fastest pinewood cars on the planet. His products are race proven.

Keith Savage

Derby Dad 4 Hire is pure awesome! Working with other parts and services in the derby world has never been remotely matched! Thanks for your efforts, products, friendship, and providing fun and excitement for little boys of all ages.

Mr Chips

derbydad is by far more than a scout car builder. He knows his stuff in derby racing .He runs a great league race if anyone wants to try to race him.

Dwayne Blake

If you want the best products for your pinewood derby experience DD4H is the #1 place to shop. Simply the BEST products with customer service to match.

Bob Mensen

I have been steered in many different directions when it came to pinewood derby and every year we got beat. We found and laid down track record after track record and just won our council race by over a car length. This is a hidden gem of a website. Google needs to rank by effectiveness.

Bill LeCheek

Not only do you get the best products, but you also get the best advice and support. Anyone who gets into derby racing has a million technical questions. With DD4H, you get every question answered. I won’t go anywhere else! Districts, here we come!

Curtis Krier

For four years a very competitive scouting family and I have tried to win The Live Oak district pinewood derby championship coming in second four yeaars in a row. Thanks to John and his products and his videos this year we won the championship. Three of our four runs were under 3 seconds. Thanks John. from Copperhead racing.

Bob Richardson

We all owe DD4H a huge thank you. All of DD4H’s products are tested and proven to perform above and beyond all the rest. The most valuable gem hidden inside the DD4H empire is the exemplary customer service. Derby Dad has constantly gone above and beyond and delivers EXACTLY what he advertises. Our cars were quick before using DD4H’s products but after became all but unbeatable. If you want the best, stop messing around with gimmicky junk and put your time and money into winning! Thanks again for everything Derby Dad!

Relentless Pursuit Racing

Top class customer service, and products. John is always willing to help you get that extra bit of speed.

LT Jones

“DerbyDad has the best pinewood derby axles ever made!”

Thanks to DD4H, my youngest son Lief was able to dominate the district race and my son Wyatt won the National Youth Championship at the Cabinfever Classic this year, they were both using your excellent axles and wheels. Above all, your customer service is without equal.

Brian Hulstrom

John provided some great advice this year in helping to set up my son’s car. With his advice and his polishing / lube products my son was finally able to take home 1st place after coming close the past few years.


Great products and service. Called in the busy season with a reasonable time line and got things with plenty of time for our race. I’ve built several cars with my dad over the year and built our first car with all 3 generations helping this year. It was great seeing my son who wasn’t old enough to be a Tiger Cub win the “Open Class” at this years PWD. DD4H offers quality parts and guidance. My son handled the car all day and we came out winners. To date, this is the fastest car we’ve built! Thanks John.

Tholey Racing Dynamics

Thanks John for all the help. Mission accomplished. The other car had  the wiggles all day. Four years in a row thanks to your help. 

Gregg Pharr

Hey hey just wanted to thank you for the great parts and advice as  always! Weston was able to take home 1st place in Bears and 1st place  overall and I took 1st in the open class! Wasn’t even close!  


Trevor, one of my two sons, made the following comment after our  pinewood derby was over, “Wow dad I got a trophy. Our cars were the  fastest. I’ve never won anything before.”
My twins took 1st and 2nd place. They had so much fun putting the cars together. 


It was amazing how you took the time to help my son when we  stopped by. I know how busy you are. In blessed to have found you on the  Internet. 

Just a quick note about the car  that my son built and in using your wheels. He was so proud of his  creation and of course it smoked the competition like they were Ford  Model T’s rollin’ down the track. With holes in the car and big hunks of  crystal, rock, and Lego guys his car flew down the track. Some dads  swore there were ball bearings in the wheels. No, official BSA wheels  with a little TLC. Thanks again for helping give my son confidence and  that dreaming is possible.


Derby Dad, we wanted to let you know how our derby went last night. We won of course but we were expecting that. But here is what was cool! The track was rented from a guy has done hundreds of cub derbys over the years & has a very nice setup. The look on his face was priceless as he saw my sons time. He stopped the derby to announce that a new track record had been set. (we crushed it) In disbelief he looked over the car fairly closely & even double checked the weight & then announced the car was legal. Everyone cheered. 5 of the 7 fastest cars last night were all built in my woodshop where I helped other boys with your products and tips. But I didn’t show them everything. 😉 Bottom line. We went from fast on our own to unbelievably fast with Derby Dads second to none products. Don’t waste your time or money on any of the other frustrating gimmicks out there. Go with the best.


Derbydad4hire (John) has been a great help to me and my son. This year no one was able to come close to my son’s car at out derby, He took 1st place for Webelos I and 1st place overall (setting track record after track record). Next year may be different because I have had to answer so many questions and have let people know where I get my parts. His products are top of the line and he is always willing to help. If you’re not using DD4H’s products you’re kidding yourself.


Mason won Districts this year for the first time!
We finished 2 and 3rd the past 2 years. 


Just had our local race. I finished first place and set a new track  record using DerbyDad4Hire products, tools, and much info from the  forum.
I was slow out of the gate but passed everyone by a car length by the finish line. 


Thanks for taking a moment of your time to speak to  me today. I just ordered a new plug and play set up (4 wheel touching  extended wheel base) for our upcoming District race.

Mason recently won his pack Championship (by an  average of 3 to 4 car lengths) with 56 cars participating. (3 wheel  touching, thin wedge, Cheetah Extreme, Pro92 grooved axels, raced  prepped with graphite)

Attached are a couple of photos of the M&M’s race car.

We ran 2.956 in practice on a Best Track at my neighbors (see photo) and averaged 3.09 in the pack races? Still, the closest 2nd place finisher was running 3.19.

We look forward to building our new car with the  new GEE fenders and trust that we will be sending you future photos of  District finals.


“Pinewood derby pack champion, district champion and National champion!”

A big THANK YOU to John for great customer service & products. After dropping the car and breaking a wheel off the night before the District race, we pulled off a second place finish running a replacement stock wheel and axle and qualified for the Counsel race . Thanks to John for getting out our order ASAP. My son was able to fix the car properly & won the Bears Division at the Counsel Derby. He was fastest overall with a 2.589, and even beat the second place car with his slowest time. Thanks again Derby Dad!


A kid in our pack was the slowest finisher in Tiger and Wolf. I found derby dad and used the axle prep, wheel prep and graphite. With kit block, axles and wheels we had 3 of the top 5 cars. The slow kid won pack, and today won district!! The DD4H speed products and methods rock!

Worst to first

Derby Dad 4 Hire products and advice changed a 3rd place Tiger in Pack into a 1st place Wolf in District. The axles, wheels, polishing kits and DVD are all 1st rate. Every parent gasped at the District when he turned a 2.55 on a 35′ Besttrack with 4 wheels on the floor. My son did most of the build this year and followed the DVD methods. Look no further that DD4H for the Best in class.


We thank you for the Pinewood Derby Car. We wanted a Car that could Compete with others. We built a few 2nd Place cars over the last 3 years but of course we did not know the great tricks that derby dad does.We Purchased A 3.00 second car from Derby Dad.We were very excited to see what it would do with out 2nd place cars from the previous Pinewood Derby Car races.We didn’t Have a track to test our cars and tune them for the track its frustrating to try to build a car not knowing how good it is going to run.Me and Jayden were thinking that we should find someone who has a track of their own and have tested their car on the track.After we Purchased the car from derby dad we took all 3 of our cars from the previous years with us went early to help set the track up so we could test all 3 of the cars we have.took us an hour to get it all set up we took our 2nd place car against the derby dad car for the first time and oh my lord we saw the blue car run it’s first heat for the first time it straight whooped our second place car by 3 car lengths or more.We then knew we were for sure going to win the pack derby race.We raced undefeated we never lost a race on all 4 heats we race and when we did race the derby dad car beat every car by at least 3 car lengths or more.Their is definite Proof That Derby Dad has winning cars.Now I would like to get a car faster than the one we just purchased.

Jayden C & Jeff C

John it was amazing. 23 races ALL WINS!!!one car came a little close.  Almost felt bad for other kids. She added her stickers and other items  and and absolutely loved the car. Thank you again.


Just wanted to let you know your car beat everyone else’s car by a mile!  Evan raced on February 8th and the 15th. He won for both the lad and  crusader divisions and won for “Super Car” of the year for three  different churches. He also won for best aerodynamic design. I didn’t  realize that now the car has to be placed in the RA room on display  since it has been designated as the super car of the year. It is in a  plastic display box where everyone can see it. Evan was not happy about  this at all. 🙁 It will be raced again next year to see if anyone can  come up with a car who can beat it. This means Evan will need another  car for next year, and I’m sure that this car will need some tuning up  before it can be raced again, right? I told Evan that he was going to  have to start saving up his money! 🙂 Thanks for your help! 


I met John for the first time today at the CCRL race in Troy. He seems like a generous guy and willing to help someone out if needed. And I just wanna say thanks for the axle’s as a door prize John. Not to shabby for just showing up at a race.

1nsanity Rac1ng

John Halliburton (aka Derby Dad) is the ”Michael Jordon” of pinewood derby racing! All of his products have been tested and PROVEN to be what he says they are. No silly hype or false claims here. If you want to waste money just go elsewhere but if you want performance for your bucks buy from DD4H! I cannot count the number of times he has helped me with car problems and found me more speed. Customer service #1!


By using the products and processes DerbyDad4Hire has developed I’ve have been enlightened. I’ve been able to achieve speeds I never thought were possible with pinewood derby cars. I have been ranked #1 in the world by the professional pinewood derby community. If you are looking for the best look no further. By following DerbyDad4Hire you will wipe the floor with the competition in your pack and district races. Not only are the products great but DerbyDad4Hire’s customer service is second to none. Do yourself a favor and try DerbyDad4Hire, you’ll never go anywhere else.

Kinser Racing

Thought you would like to know your derby car took first place in the Den, Pack and council races. Fastest speed was 168.7mph.


John, The  charity race was today and my girlfriend was the big winner with your  car. She ran a 2.8 second run. Closest car to her was 3 seconds flat.  Thank You so much for your help. I will contact you next year before the  event and order another car. Nice job John. 


I figure I should report back on how it all went.   Joseph won it all.  It was not a regional scout thing, but an LDS Stake  thing with the 8 wards contributing from their packs.  

We also have a “friends and family” race where you  can cheat.  I have two other cars I’ve worked on in the past that  usually win it.  Those cars have a wheel up, and break other rules for  axis and wheels.  Your car beat both of them!

The times were:

  1. 2.47 for your car (named by Joseph as “The Natural”)
  2. 2.48: My cheater car #1
  3. 2.52: my cheater car #2

Needless to say, Joseph was a very happy boy.  I  could not even attend as my resistance is not yet ready for a room full  of boys.

It looks  to me like the secret of your success is  the placement of that front right wheel.  I’ve never seen anything like  that before.  But whatever it was, we appreciate your engineering  ingenuity!

Thanks again for your help.