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The STOCK 60 SET OF 4 Pinewood Derby Wheels are created from official BSA wheels and are precision machined to be round to a 1.160 height.   They are mold matched. The inner edge is trued and kept stock appearing with the stock width. The outer hub double step will be either trued and coned or removed at your choice.

STOCK 60 Features:

  • The Tread surface is precision machined for a perfect round wheel to 1.160″
  • Mold matched sets (BLACK WHEELS ONLY!)
  • Wheel bore is lightly polished
  • The inner edge is machined and trued to straighten the wheel and appear stock.
  • The outer hub double step will be lightly trued and coned or completely removed.
  • No weight is removed from the inside of the wheel
  • All official lettering remains on the inside and outside of the wheel
  • The stock width will be maintained.
  • Race prepping is available!


The wheels will need additional preparation if the race prep is not purchased. For intense performance gains please follow these steps.  It is recommended to use our Black Ice wheel preparation kit to maximize results.

  • The wheel bore should be polished and prepped to a smooth and slippery surface.  It is important to prepare the wheel for your lubrication of choice.  For example do not use graphite to polish if you are going to use oil as your lubrication.
  • The outer and inner hub along with the inside edge of the wheel should be polished to a smooth and slippery finish also.


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