Legend Pinewood Derby Car Carrier


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Legend Car Carrier
The safest way to get your Pinewood Derby car to the race!

Have you ever built that perfect Pinewood Derby car that is sure to win the big race but have something bad happen to it on the way to the race? Do you proxy race and spend hours trying to find ways to ship your cars affordably and safe from the punishment of shipping?

Worry No More!!!

After years of proxy racing we have found the most efficient shipping method to date. This simple kit will make getting your car to the race in one piece the last of your worries! Made from a military grade foam, the case will absorb shock and hold the car in place. You will be able to pack and unpack your cars in seconds! No screws or nuts to lose!

The Legend Car Carrier is also very light so it is the most economical way to ship a car or multiple cars for proxy racing. The Legend Car Carrier is a simple no nonsense system that ensures that cars are repacked and shipped back to you in the exact way they arrived.

The kit will require customization for each car so tools are required. A routing device is recommended. You can also ship your cars to us or a cut out of the shape of your car and we will custom build a carrier for each car.

Stop risking all your hard work on faulty shipping methods and save money on shipping costs! Don’t let the journey to the race be the reason your child doesn’t take home the trophy!

The kit includes a shipping box a 8x4x1 piece of military grade foam and a 4x1x1 piece of the foam to secure the car.

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 in


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