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The Dynasty Outlaw set of 4 Pinewood Derby Wheels made for the OUTLAW Class
by: DerbyDad4Hire.

This is the FASTEST BSA Wheel hands down from DerbyDad4hire.  This is the new wheel of choice of the top professional pinewood derby racers.  We don’t make false claims of having the fastest wheels, we prove it!  The competitions wheels…??? There is NO competition.

The Dynasty Outlaw Features:

  • The FASTEST OUTLAW Class modified wheels on the market!
  • The Tread surface is precision machined for a perfect round wheel
  • The double step is removed from the outer hub and is trued and lightly coned
  • Made from BSA wheels
  • Made to work with the Dynasty 93x Pro line of axles
  • Weighing in as light as .3 to .4 grams!!
  • Transform any pinewood derby car into a screaming fast outlaw car!
  • Wheel height is approximately .93″
  • The wheel of choice for the Rocky Mountain Derby OUTLAW Class!


These wheels are intended for serious racers who demand the very most performance.

The Dynasty line of wheels were engineered for competing at the highest levels of Pinewood Derby racing and are the brand of choice for the top ranked pinewood derby racers in the nation.

Please remember to check your local Rules to make sure these wheels are legal for your race. These wheels are a favorite for Outlaw races.

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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 0.5 in


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