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Dynasty High Performance Pinewood Derby Car GEE Fenders THE ORIGINAL 3D Printed Pinewood Derby Fenders
Cutting Edge Technology! brings you the latest in aerodynamic research and technology with the Dynasty line of pinewood derby car fenders! Aerodynamics play a vital role in producing the fastest pinewood derby cars and the new Dynasty line of fenders have been engineered to be the most aerodynamic design available. When races come down to the thousandth of a second every detail is vital.

  • Wind tunnel engineered, designed an tested for the ultimate aerodynamic performance
  • Made from an extremely durable material that will withstand high impact
  • Completely preshaped and ready to install for instant performance gains.
  • The underside relief cut is completed and done in the right manner. You do not want to just taper the under cut!
  • Fenders can be applied to the front wheels of cars with up to a 5″ wheelbase with no modification.
  • Instant speed gains of up to .01 of a second or about 1/4 of a car length!
  • Ultra lite! Each fender weighs in as lite as .5 grams!
  • Every fender looks the same! No more wasted time trying to shape fenders!

Take your pinewood derby project to the next level and get the Edge on the competition with the Dynasty Pinewood Derby Car Fenders. Often imitated but never duplicated, Derbydad4hire once again brings you the best in pinewood derby products.

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