Zero Friction Axle Polishing Kit
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Zero Friction Axle Polishing Kit is the most extreme axle polishing process available! This is what the winners use to create the smoothest highest performing Pinewood Derby axles. Winning cars are made by paying attention to smallest details and axle preparation is at the top of the list when it comes to making a fast car.

The Zero Friction Axle Polish Kit includes:

  • 1000 grit 5"x4" sheet of wet/dry sandpaper
  • 1500 grit 5"x4" sheet of wet/dry sandpaper
  • 2000 grit 5"x4" sheet of wet/dry sandpaper
  • 2500 grit 5"x4" sheet of wet/dry sandpaper
  • 3000 grit 5"x4" sheet of wet/dry sandpaper
  • 5000 grit 5"x4" sheet of wet/dry sandpaper
  • Next Level upgrade available (Recommended)
  • Cotton string for cleaning



If you are using the stock BSA axle the first thing you must do is find the straightest axles.  Take an Emory board and file off the crimp marks on the axle.  This is important because you want to remove as little of the axle diameter as possible.  After this using a triangular file, deburr the axle head and give it a slight taper being careful to not let the file scar the axle.  If allowed, now is the time to cut the groove into your axle.  Once all this is completed you are ready to polish.

Start by cutting ¼ inch strips from the different grades of sandpaper and get a small bowl of water.  Start with the coarsest paper and work up to the finest.  Dip the paper into the water before applying it to the axle.  You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure.  VERY IMPORTANT- DO NOT SAND THE AXLE FOR MORE THAN 15 SECONDS WITH EACH GRADE!  You want to just make it smooth but keep as much of the diameter as possible.  After the last grade of paper, take the string that is included and run it up and down the axle to clean it and give a final polish.  Do this until no black residue is coming off onto the string.  Your axles are now ready to roar!

If you are using an aftermarket axle start with the 1,000 grit and work up using each grade for a maximum of 15 seconds.

FOR THE ULTIMATE PREP add the Next Level Polish and use it instead of water on each grit for the wet portion. Clean thoroughly when completed.

  • Item #: POL-KA
  • Manufacturer: DerbyDad4Hire

Zero Friction Axle Polishing Kit

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