"The Silver Bullet" XTREME
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"The Silver Bullet" XTREME is THE CADILLAC of Pinewood Derby tools and an essential item for your Pinewood Derby tool box.  This is the alignment tool of choice of the top professional builders in the USA! Wheel alignment is the foundation and number one key to building a fast car. Instead of spending hours trying to get the right alignment you can use "The Silver Bullet" XTREME to get precision drilled axle holes that will enable you to have your car aligned in minutes! With a hand drill or pin vise this tool will give you the ability to drill axle holes for hundreds of cars without the worry of the tool ever wearing out. "The Silver Bullet" EXTREME also incorporates a fool proof wheel canting system. Say goodbye to bending axles to cant the wheels! Purchase this tool for your workshops or keep it all to yourself to get a HUGE ADVANTAGE on the rest of the field.


"The Silver Bullet" EXTREME Features:

  • ALL NEW FULL BODY DESIGN! You can drill all the holes without removing the block of wood!
  • 4 Wheelbases to choose from! 4 3/8, 4 3/4, 5, and 5 3/8" options!
  • This tool is machined to perfection with tight tolerences to give easy, repeatable perfect drilled holes
  • You can drill hundreds of blocks because the hardened bushings are made to withstand excessive use
  • Index markings on the tool to line up drill location
  • Extra wide drill bushings for ultimate performance
  • Made to use a HSS #43 Drill bit
  • A precision method for drilling canted axle holes
  • No more bending rear axles for cant
  • Helps you check the precision of the axle holes drilled
  • Provides the ESSENTIAL foundation of your pinewood derby project
  • Hands down the best method for drilling axle holes for you pinewood derby car.

Say goodbye to wasting expensive pinewood derby blocks because of bad drills. Say goodbye to expensive drill presses. DOMINATE YOUR PINEWOOD DERBY!!! This is your secret weapon to destroy your competition.

Use of carbide drill bits is not recommended and may shorten the life of your tool. HSS #43 drill bits are recommended.

Instructions for use:

1. Make sure your #43 HSS drill bit fits snug into the bushing without any play.

2. Mark your axle hole locations on your wood block.

3. Make sure the block fits snug in the Silver Bullet PRO. Line it up with the holes and clamp down if necessary. Drill the all holes using a hand drill.

4. Finish building your champion car!!!



  • Item #: T-SBPRO
  • Manufacturer: DerbyDad4Hire

"The Silver Bullet" XTREME

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