The Dynasty LiteSpeed v2 set of 4 wheels
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The Dynasty LITESPEED Pinewood Derby Wheels are created from official BSA wheels and are precision machined for ultimate performance.   The Dynasty line of wheels was created for the Professional racers who demand the highest performance and are now available for your own Pinewood Derby racer.


Dynasty LITESPEED Features:

  • The wheels come in black only
  • The FASTEST stock appearing BSA wheels on the market!
  • Comes in a set of 4 mold matched wheels
  • The Tread surface is precision machined for a perfect round wheel
  • The inner edge of the wheel is narrowed to 7.5mm (+/-) and trued
  • Option for coning the inner hub to reverse mount the rear wheels (need washers or spacers for this).
  • The double step is removed from the outer hub and is trued and lightly coned
  • The LITESPEED weighs in between 1.1 and 1.2 grams!
  • Each wheel is hand spun to ensure the highest quality
  • Wheel bore is lightly polished
  • The LITESPEED retains a stock appearance on the outside of the wheel
  • Weight is removed from the inside of the wheel
  • All official lettering remains on the outside of the wheel


The wheels can be raced without any additional preparation but for intense performance gains please follow these steps.  It is recommended to use our wheel preparation kit to maximize results.

  • The wheel bore should be polished and prepped to a smooth and slippery surface.  It is important to prepare the wheel for your lubrication of choice.  For example do not use graphite to polish if you are going to use oil as your lubrication.
  • The outer and inner hub along with the inside edge of the wheel should be polished to a smooth and slippery finish also

The Dynasty LITESPEED is your wheel of choice if your Pinewood Derby rules allow wheel modification but must retain lettering on the outside of the wheel.  Material has been removed from the inside of the wheel and all official lettering is removed.

The Dynasty line of wheels were engineered for competing at the highest levels of Pinewood Derby racing and are the brand of choice for the top ranked racers in the nation.

Please remember to check your local Rules to make sure these wheels are legal for your race. is the #1 place on the internet for Pine wood Derby cars, designs, items, Pinewood Derby car kits, pine wood plans, performance parts, specialty tools, templates, derby supplies, kits and products to help you build a super fast, winning derby car.  Not Revell.

  • Item #: W-LS
  • Manufacturer: DerbyDad4Hire

The Dynasty LiteSpeed v2 set of 4 wheels

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