The Dynasty Pinewood Derby Bearing Needles by DerbyDad4Hire are one of the new line of Dynasty axles that are revolutionizing Pinewood Derby yet again. Made for the 2010 National Champion cars, the axles are CNC'd from a superior grade stainless steel and are wicked straight, hard and superior to any other bearing needle. The Dynasty Bearing Needle uses the same axle hole drilled with a #43 drill bit to make any car be able to run all the Dynasty Bearing Wheel System without modification!

The set comes with 3 Dynasty Bearing Needles and retainers.

The Dynasty Bearing Needles measure at .091 into the body shrinking to a .046.

They might require slight sanding to fit smoothly into the bearing.

  • Item #: A-DBN
  • Manufacturer: DerbyDad4Hire

The Dynasty Bearing Needles

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