Selvyt Polishing Cloth
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Selvyt Polishing Cloth is the top of the line premium polishing cloth. Manufactured in woven cotton velvet with a raised surface to lift particles to leave a perfect finish. Good as "New" when washed.


  • Perfect for final polishing and cleaning of axles
  • Ideal for polishing all the conact points of your pinewood derby wheels
  • Rewashable for months of use
  • Key component in the DerbyDad4Hire oil process
  • Measures 5"x5"

This is one thing I will never have missing from my pinewood derby tool box.  It is vital for me on my final polish of my wheels and axles! is the #1 place on the internet for Pine wood Derby cars, designs, items, Pinewood Derby car kits, pine wood plans, performance parts, specialty tools, templates, derby supplies, kits and products to help you build a super fast, winning derby car.  Not Revell.

  • Item #: POL-SEL

Selvyt Polishing Cloth

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