Precision Carbide Drill Bits
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These new drill bits are made of Tungsten Carbide. These bits are very hard and will not walk with the grain of the wood like cheaper bits do. The Tungsten Carbide make up will also ensure the bit stays sharp and performing well for a much longer time. Use the #43 for Awana and the new Dynasty line of axles or the #44 for stock BSA and speed axles.  If you want the fastest possible Pinewood Derby car then the extra cost for this bit is worth it! is the #1 place on the internet for Pine wood Derby cars, designs, items, Pinewood Derby car kits, pine wood plans, performance parts, specialty tools, templates, derby supplies, kits and products to help you build a super fast, winning derby car.  Not Revell.

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Precision Carbide Drill Bits

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