Next Level Axle Polish
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Taking axle polishing to the next level! This is the final step for getting the extreme speeds from your axles. This polsih gives an intense shine. The most important thing about this polish is that it will not leave a residue that so many other polishes do that robs your car of it's speed potential. Apply is with a polishing cloth or piece of leather then clean it with glass cleaner and your car will be ready to roar!

  • The highest quality axle polish to date
  • Easy to clean from axle
  • Leaves a slick high shine finish
  • Easy to apply

This polish goes hand in hand with Legend axle polishing kit. It is not meant to replace it! Use as the final polishing step to get that extra “POP” from your Pinewood Derby car. is the #1 place on the internet for Pine wood Derby cars, designs, items, Pinewood Derby car kits, pine wood plans, performance parts, specialty tools, templates, derby supplies, kits and products to help you build a super fast, winning derby car.  Not Revell.

  • Item #: P-09
  • Manufacturer: DerbyDad4Hire

Next Level Axle Polish

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