Black Ice Extreme Wheel Bore Polishing Kit

BLACK ICE Pinewood Derby Wheel Bore Polishing Kit! is a must have when prepping wheels for a winning pinewood derby car.  The most advanced method to polish wheel bores to compete at the highest level. DerbyDad4Hire now brings the technique and products to you to dominate your pinewood derby!  This is often overlooked by the novice pinewood derby builder but is one of the key steps to reaching the winners circle.  This is the process that all the top pro racers use!

The BLACK ICE Wheel Bore Polish Kit includes:

  • 3 extreme polishes (The Final Step Now Is RED ROCKET!!!)
  • 10 Extra Fluffy Pipe Cleaners
  • 2 Tamiya Wheel Bore Polishing Sticks

Instructions on my exact process of how to polish the wheel bore to make your Pinewood Derby car reach the winners circle are below!

This process is the highest performing method for either graphite or oil but it is A MUST HAVE product if you want to run oil.


DerbyDad4Hire BLACK ICE Wheel Bore Polish Kit Instructional Video


  • Item #: POL-KW
  • Manufacturer: DerbyDad4Hire

Black Ice Extreme Wheel Bore Polishing Kit

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