The Dynasty 84G Axle
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The Dynasty 84G Axle by DerbyDad4Hire are one of the new line of Dynasty axles that are dominating the Pinewood Derby races across the country. The axles are CNC'd from a superior grade stainless steel and are wicked straight, hard and superior to any other axle even before polishing. These axles will pass the magnet test!!!  This axle line uses an axle hole drilled with a #45 drill for a perfect fit. The Dynasty axle line now brings you a true high performance axle to equip any style of Pinewood Derby car made. Simply the hands down choice if you want to reach extreme speeds with your Pinewood Derby car.

The Dynasty 84G Axle measures at .0845. The Dynasty groove is cut to maximize number of graphite runs and also is engineered to be the superior axle when using oil lubes.

Make sure and read your derby rules to make sure this axle is legal for your derby. is the #1 place on the internet for Pine wood Derby cars, designs, items, Pinewood Derby car kits, pine wood plans, performance parts, specialty tools, templates, derby supplies, kits and products to help you build a super fast, winning derby car.  Not Revell.

  • Item #: A-84G
  • Manufacturer: DerbyDad4Hire

The Dynasty 84G Axle

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